Saturday, November 1, 2014


June was full of emotions and doings. We spent a fun weekend with friends, we lost our beloved Cricket (and he deserves his own post), Etta had her first visit to the dentist, Oliver graduated Kindergarten (!), we scurried in a trip to Pgh, and had a long weekend visit from great friends. 


Glorious May! Warmer weather arrived and we basked in it, despite ice bergs on the lake for Memorial Day weekend. 


Trying to catch up so late in the game, I think it's easier to do photo posts. Sound good? Good. 

April was still a cold, blustery month with teasing hints of spring. (Weather had a big role in our 2014 lives.) We started to thaw out and finally shed a few layers, staying outside as long as possible to try to remedy cabin fever. 

March: For Karen

I've done a pretty crummy job of keeping the blog rolling. I was recently reminded that somebody still looks at it... So even if just for a small few (or one!), here's what we've been up to:

We visited the Grand Island ice caves, got a winter reprieve in the Keys for a fun wedding with friends (no kidlets), celebrated a break in the sub-freezing temps, and hand crafted some Easter decor.