Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Knitting Fool

I knit a sweater.

That fact, in and of itself, is rather uninteresting.

But it's the 5th sweater in a challenge to myself to knit 13 sweaters in 2013.

And now that I've gone public with that info, I feel a bit more committed to it. (Darn, can I take it back?)

Well, anyway, this is the 5th and I've already cast on for the 6th. So far, 5 are for ME and 1 was for Darling.

Selfish knitting, I suppose, but being the knitter, I get to decide that.

I imagine that the fall and winter will be filled with baby and kid sweaters so that I can meet my goal with less knitting, but we shall see.

Did I mention 2013 is meant to be a stash busting year as well? Ahem. We shall see...

Thursday, May 2, 2013


O chose stripes today. Heaps of 'em.