Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Around here, tradition has it that Oliver will be a bird for Halloween. First, the Scarlet Tanager. Then the Wood Owl. Granted, it's only a 2-year tradition, but when we asked Oliver what he'd like to dress as for Halloween, he said Construction Worker. [Now, I'm pretty sure there is no construction bird, unless you count the baby bird and the Snort in Are You My Mother?] This was modified after a short discussion to, in fact, be Bob the Builder. So I stewed on it.  I thought I'd grab a hard hat and vest from work, maybe Papa's tool belt. I asked repeatedly. The answer was always Bob the Builder.Until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago Oliver answered "Owl" to the whaddya wanna be for Halloween question. Hmm. But you were an owl last year. "I know". I kept asking. Still owl. I tried to figure out how to do a similar but different owl costume. I internetted.

Then, this week. All in vain. No Bob the Builder. No owl. An emphatic BLUE JAY. You sure? YUP! BLUE JAY. And Mama will be a Cardinal. Well, I continued to dodge the cardinal costume, but finally picked up some felt (recycled content no less!) and whipped the scrappy thing together with a whole 2 1/2 hours to spare.

All those crafty blog moms who write about how they work from home or spend hours with their babes crafting in their studios? They clearly live in a different universe than I. There was no tea, no gourmet chocolate. No Pandora, no dreamed-of-this project. No child off playing silently in a corner. In fact, there was very little "studio" time whatever. This was scrapped together on the floor on the landing then sewn up in a frenzy on the "Snowing Machine" to try to get it done and out of that room before he found anything else to be oh-so-toddler-curious about.

Then it was off to Downtown and the library with J the Bee! Good times. O's line was Trick or Treat Tweet Tweet! He thought of that himself.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A List for Part 2

So folks have been asking, with increasing frequency, what (if anything) we need for Part 2. For the most part we have it covered. We received some wonderful hand-me-down (we adore hand-me-downs) infant winter wear from Emily and Chris. Much appreciated since O was born in May and his infant wear is mostly summery. We got a soft cotton blanket from Jodes and Cam (so Part 2 could have his/her very own) and a mattress and pad from Grammy. At some friends' suggestion, I considered a second high chair and, as luck would have it, found another used for a decent price. I also used an online coupon to get new tubes, cups, and nipples/caps for our breast pump. So, what else?

Well, food would be pretty helpful, frankly! Anything we can pop on the stovetop or in the oven during a hectic move and maternity leave would be greatly appreciated. Soup, enchiladas, lasagne, bread - all favorites and all wonderful reheated.

We picked up a used Ergo baby in L'Anse the other day, so the infant insert for that could be useful. Not sure because I've never used one with the insert before.

We were thinking about a wool mattress pad but with the luxe cotton mattress pad from Grammy, I wonder if that's overkill now.

We've got a great selection of diapers and probably have that covered. I was thinking of getting 1 or 2 more fitted diapers for the infant period [either Kissaluvs size 0 or Thirsties Fitted size Small], but we can probably make do with everything we have.

I was also thinking perhaps about a special blanket. Oliver has become attached to his and may not be willing to share. I'm leaning towards a knit one, and I think there are several that could work. Nook makes one (in great colors!). Found a taupe-y bamboo one on Amazon. Color(s) should be similar to the room (aqua, brown/taupe or orange, maybe lime). This one has all the colors - but is it sweater knit? And here is one from Stokke that's pretty close. Moving on.

And we don't NEED them, but I did fall in love with DwellStudio's owl burp and bib set. We have a similar one for O (now, quite stained and well-used) that we loved. Very soft and of course, cute.

I'm not sure what else... books? What do those of you with 2 kids suggest?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

16 Weeks

Not exactly a pregnancy (and hopefully a much shorter gestation period), but still growing...

Windows all in, roof on, plumbed, all fixtures ordered and/or arrived (plumbing and lighting), site graded, tractor acquired, Land Yacht departed, tears shed, cabinets and flooring planned, inspections scheduled. Electrical still going in/on. These things don't make for interesting pictures but progress nonetheless.


Monday, October 11, 2010

33 Weeks

This is what 33 weeks looks like:

Not entirely different from what 30 weeks looks like:

But this is what 33 weeks feels like:

(from this site)
Just jokin'. But Part 2 is a squirmly little bundle and is occassionally pushing on organs and bits I'd prefer left unpushed. Otherwise, still going fairly well. Not really experiencing the insomnia and snoring and acheyness that I was with Oliver about this time. Things ache and hurt (a rib massage or rib cage expansion device would be super), but overall, we're doing fairly well. Really my only complaint right now is I'm slowing down and not able to get to the gym as often as I'd like. But we do have some other things going on, you see.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

These are a few

Our recent down-sizing (much needed, I'm not complaining) had me take a good, hard look at some things I consider important in our house. Two of these affinities: Tupperware and Pyrex, are mine alone and frankly, not shared in the least by Darling. The Tupperware did take a hit during our yard sale, but I evaluated well and didn't regret any losses. In fact, some went to a woman that clearly shared my interest in vintage Tupperware. That felt lovely.
But the Pyrex. It was the Pyrex that I couldn't pare down. I thought each piece was useful and vital and integral to our kitchen. As I went through the bowls and dishes, I remembered where I found them and how my little (a-hem) collection has been assembled over the years. It's odd, I agree, but that makes me the pack-rat that I am. Without further ado: the Pyrex.
MMM - Carnitas and rice (our restored summer staple) on the picnic table

Summer Chili and last year's salsa on the porch

Butter dishes... why two (see below)? I gave a third to Kud.

This gravy boat was a thrifted find. I like it.

Nested bowls - another thrifted set. They always want too much at the antique stores.

Found this one in the garage at Green Garden! It was holding bolts. Bananas are better.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Velour Jogging Suit Matron

I hope that your handbag is well-rested. It must have had some trying times to go through! I don't know exactly what trials it had to endure, but I understand that it is probably best that your handbag wasn't relegated to the floor. Even for a sweaty 31-week pregnant lady carrying a laptop and shoulder bag, asking to sit in said bag-occupied seat at the overcrowded Gate 9 at Providence Airport. Whew. Safe travels, dear handbag. I hope your accomodations in the First Class overhead storage locker were acceptable and most of all, restful.

Your fellow traveler (and human)