Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Around here, tradition has it that Oliver will be a bird for Halloween. First, the Scarlet Tanager. Then the Wood Owl. Granted, it's only a 2-year tradition, but when we asked Oliver what he'd like to dress as for Halloween, he said Construction Worker. [Now, I'm pretty sure there is no construction bird, unless you count the baby bird and the Snort in Are You My Mother?] This was modified after a short discussion to, in fact, be Bob the Builder. So I stewed on it.  I thought I'd grab a hard hat and vest from work, maybe Papa's tool belt. I asked repeatedly. The answer was always Bob the Builder.Until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago Oliver answered "Owl" to the whaddya wanna be for Halloween question. Hmm. But you were an owl last year. "I know". I kept asking. Still owl. I tried to figure out how to do a similar but different owl costume. I internetted.

Then, this week. All in vain. No Bob the Builder. No owl. An emphatic BLUE JAY. You sure? YUP! BLUE JAY. And Mama will be a Cardinal. Well, I continued to dodge the cardinal costume, but finally picked up some felt (recycled content no less!) and whipped the scrappy thing together with a whole 2 1/2 hours to spare.

All those crafty blog moms who write about how they work from home or spend hours with their babes crafting in their studios? They clearly live in a different universe than I. There was no tea, no gourmet chocolate. No Pandora, no dreamed-of-this project. No child off playing silently in a corner. In fact, there was very little "studio" time whatever. This was scrapped together on the floor on the landing then sewn up in a frenzy on the "Snowing Machine" to try to get it done and out of that room before he found anything else to be oh-so-toddler-curious about.

Then it was off to Downtown and the library with J the Bee! Good times. O's line was Trick or Treat Tweet Tweet! He thought of that himself.


  1. Beez, this is a GREAT costume! Funny, just yesterday Ben was saying how he hopes we'll manage to make our tyke's Halloween garb. We went downtown to the community trick-or-treat and it was fun, but almost nobody (not even the infants in strollers) was wearing a homespun costume. All store-bought bumblebees, owls, tigers, etc. Very cute, but I feel so much more inclined to coo over Oliver's costume (and not just because he's my nephew!)

  2. Hah! Thanks! I was pretty sheepish about its homeliness. I mean it was fastened to his sweatshirt with safety pins for crying out loud. But, it's what he wanted and it worked! If your peanut ends up being into birds... we've got a head start on some handmade costumes!

  3. Nice work, Amy! Way to pull it together at the last moment. And, I love that O came up with trick or treat tweet tweet! And thank you so much for doing this blog. Literally, I check it daily to see if there are updates, and I've been snagging photos of O to use as wallpaper on my computer. Hope you don't mind! Cheers!