Sunday, October 3, 2010

These are a few

Our recent down-sizing (much needed, I'm not complaining) had me take a good, hard look at some things I consider important in our house. Two of these affinities: Tupperware and Pyrex, are mine alone and frankly, not shared in the least by Darling. The Tupperware did take a hit during our yard sale, but I evaluated well and didn't regret any losses. In fact, some went to a woman that clearly shared my interest in vintage Tupperware. That felt lovely.
But the Pyrex. It was the Pyrex that I couldn't pare down. I thought each piece was useful and vital and integral to our kitchen. As I went through the bowls and dishes, I remembered where I found them and how my little (a-hem) collection has been assembled over the years. It's odd, I agree, but that makes me the pack-rat that I am. Without further ado: the Pyrex.
MMM - Carnitas and rice (our restored summer staple) on the picnic table

Summer Chili and last year's salsa on the porch

Butter dishes... why two (see below)? I gave a third to Kud.

This gravy boat was a thrifted find. I like it.

Nested bowls - another thrifted set. They always want too much at the antique stores.

Found this one in the garage at Green Garden! It was holding bolts. Bananas are better.


  1. I luv love LOVE the pyrex! In fact, if you need any help paring down, and you want to know your discard will go to a very appreciative new owner, think of me! I love my butter dish, btw. Oddly--I will admit to this--Ben was considerably less dazzled when I tore away the bubble wrap and unveiled it.

    What's your carnitas recipe?

  2. Pop a pork roast in the slow cooker in the morning with just a small splash of enchilada sauce. Come home in the evening and make rice, shred cheese, cut avocado. Shred or chunk up the pork, add some more enchilada sauce and serve with rice, cheese, avocado, lime, and cilantro. Add a Ruby June or Pacifico and you're all set. Mmmm good!