Sunday, November 29, 2009


No, I hadn't intended to make Oliver a set of flannel jammies resembling an off the shoulder shirt and skinny jeans. After 2 flannel failures, I'm clearly going to have to use a pattern, and one specifically intended for unstretchy flannel.

It's such a bummer to have a bummer project. Not only the wasted time and materials, but the bummer cloud that hangs over all other good and productive things that may follow. I am now 5 good projects past the bummer jammies and I am finally out from under the funk. Whew.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Maybe Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday after all. Family, food, and fun times together! Oh yeah, and celebrating things we're all grateful for. What's not to love?


This year, we're feeling especially thankful for

:: Family and friends, as always
:: Good health!
:: Good meals that nourish us inside and out (Mum says I can't put "simple" meals)
:: Turkey, Peoples, Cricket, Veda (that's from Oliver, but I'll second it)
:: Minor obstacles that help us appreciate everything we can be grateful for

From the Bastone Kudejs to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eggs and more

I really like this food theme. I finished up the eggs and finally took a photo. Bought a couple wooden foods from Kangaroo Boo (a fun kids store), and have gotten heaps more ideas by perusing Etsy, as Jods suggested. I think I may get some Farfalle felt pasta from there, but otherwise, I'd like to make more and more stuff. This is what we've got so far:

[ veggie teethers by Under the Nile, wooden food by Haba and Estia, wool mushrooms by Jods, eggs (pre-serging) by me]

So I've got some big ideas and I've been working on play grocery sacks and collecting thrift store kitchen accoutrements but I really need to get to work on some more FOOD. I'm thinking mostly fruit and veggies but I think I could also do crackers, leafy greens, maybe fish... I want to stay away from sweets (people seem to be big on cupcakes, cookies, and cakes) and focus on healthy foods. Keep those suggestions coming! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm not sure why he picked it up, but Oliver says "Luncsh". It's one of his favorite words and it means "meal" more than lunch specifically. But he also says "nack" and understands that a snack is sort of like a mini-Lunch.

We share an affinity for lunch, Oliver and I. Dad likes to tell stories about taking Kud and I to work and shortly after arriving we would (or was it just me?) ask, "is it lunch time yet?" I get to pick when I eat now, being a grown-up and all, but I still like lunch quite well. And, specifically, lunch pails. I just got Oliver a new lunch pail (ridiculous really - it's supposed to be for school age kids). But it's this super cool Obento style box made by Goodbyn. It's awesome! It's BPA-free, has little sealing compartments so you don't need baggies or other containers, it's made from recycled materials in Michigan, and owned by a Seattle group. Good stuff.

I wish I was a product tester. Kud is a product tester of cool and practical things like boots, tents, packs, performance clothes. I wish I was a lunch pail tester (and a cloth diaper tester, but that's another post and story, I think). I kinda collect lunch pails, see. And I'm definitely into the no- or low-waste lunch, but for some reason, lunch boxes just call to me. And this is my photo gallery of Lunch Love:

My Lil Oscar! I searched high and low until I found one in the Soo Goodwill

Good ole fashioned lunch pail and thermos. Just like Dad's. Snatched up at the Bank Building Antique Mall.

My Tiffin! A present from Darling.

My Obento box and sack - an Ebay find.

Ahh, Kud's and my lunch pails boxes from yesteryear. I actually sold mine at my parents' garage sale years ago and instantly wanted it back. So Darling found me another one in Aberdeen. It used to belong to Sherry Blondeau. Says so on the front. I need to have Mum write BASTONE across the inside. Like mine used to say. Like Kud's still does.

Oliver's lunch sack! A gift from Auntie Karleen.

By the way, there is a great website: Reusable Bags that has a fantastic selection of no- or low-waste lunch solutions. Pails, tiffins, boxes, bags, snack sacks, drink bottles... *sigh* a veritable lunch-pail-tester's heaven.

What are you toting your lunch in?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Autumn Summary

Fall came so fast and it seems it is already retreating into leafless trees and flurries. But not quite yet. Although it was a super busy time (so I didn't get to post much) we did have some good fall fun that we should share.
Harvest time

In preparation for Applefest 2009

Play at Green Garden

Fall meanderings

Snow this week, but still some good times left to be had in our fleeting fall, I believe. What are you up to?

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, the morning dawned brisk and damp, but autumn perservered and by afternoon we were stripping coats and enjoying the shy sun. Lots of cider pressing and some saucing, all fueled by hearty fare, plenty of coffee, cider and ale, and of course, apple crisp. An abundance of smiles, wool, Carhartts, kids, and dogs. Good times had by all at the Peterson homestead. Maybe this is the impetus for Aaron to start posting again...

Back at the ranch, I broke out Gramma Kudej's cookie cutters to whip up a fancy pie with some leftover harvest. Seems we just couldn't get enough of a good thing. I guess that's why it's Applefest.