Sunday, November 29, 2009


No, I hadn't intended to make Oliver a set of flannel jammies resembling an off the shoulder shirt and skinny jeans. After 2 flannel failures, I'm clearly going to have to use a pattern, and one specifically intended for unstretchy flannel.

It's such a bummer to have a bummer project. Not only the wasted time and materials, but the bummer cloud that hangs over all other good and productive things that may follow. I am now 5 good projects past the bummer jammies and I am finally out from under the funk. Whew.


  1. I love the frogs! You don't like it??

  2. I love it! It just doesn't fit at all. I put it on him anyway and he woke up with 1 arm through the neck and the pants twisted around his diaper. I have found a fix though - I can resize the pants based on a flannel pattern and I think that will fix the shirt too. But I'll need to get more frogs for the pants.