Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Autumn Summary

Fall came so fast and it seems it is already retreating into leafless trees and flurries. But not quite yet. Although it was a super busy time (so I didn't get to post much) we did have some good fall fun that we should share.
Harvest time

In preparation for Applefest 2009

Play at Green Garden

Fall meanderings

Snow this week, but still some good times left to be had in our fleeting fall, I believe. What are you up to?


  1. Thanks for posting such great pictures. I feel like I'm there.

  2. It's stayed pretty dry and sunny, so I've been loading up heavy backpacks and hiking (to get ready for ski season!) and riding my road bike to take advantage of the warm sunny weather. Amd catching trout occasionally.

  3. Indian summer! With this burst of beautiful and unexpected weather we've been strolling and rocking in rocking chairs and even some hiking. Swimming tonight (indoor pool) but maybe biking tomorrow! I like it.