Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, the morning dawned brisk and damp, but autumn perservered and by afternoon we were stripping coats and enjoying the shy sun. Lots of cider pressing and some saucing, all fueled by hearty fare, plenty of coffee, cider and ale, and of course, apple crisp. An abundance of smiles, wool, Carhartts, kids, and dogs. Good times had by all at the Peterson homestead. Maybe this is the impetus for Aaron to start posting again...

Back at the ranch, I broke out Gramma Kudej's cookie cutters to whip up a fancy pie with some leftover harvest. Seems we just couldn't get enough of a good thing. I guess that's why it's Applefest.


  1. gorgeous pie, Beez! Makes me wish we lived in a place with a FEST. We have mud season, when everybody goes to Mexico.

  2. are you kidding? you've got aspen fest! and ski fest! and i bet this spring you have trout fest!

  3. maybe I'd feel even more excited about them if I made apple pies like yours!