Monday, January 10, 2011

Visible progress

We're at a great stage in homebuilding: visible progress. That electrical, plumbing, mechanical, insulation stuff was tough. Lots happening internally, but all invisible (mostly). This stuff? Very aesthetic. It's happening. We keep pushing the move-in date back so we don't get hopes up only to be disappointed. BUT how can you not get excited with all this happening daily??
As of Sunday, we have:

(nearly) completed wall tile in Main Bath

tile going up in the Master Bath (yes, it was worth seeking out all those clearance holdouts at Lowe's across MI and PA. I really love the tile)

Many doors installed, including our closet doors

Kitchen cabinets in, appliances delivered

Scullery cabinets started, appliances delivered

Dining room hutch begun

Cupola floor in (waiting for refinishing)

Basement insulation (ohh so shiny. our plans for wood walls didn't meet code apparently, so this will be finished down the road. WAY down the road)

Entryway done (DONE! well, except for the minutest detail of a doorknob not yet installed)

Up this week: Cupola floor finished, tile floors in bathrooms finished, WC fixtures installed (this means running water and an indoor toilet, although Oliver still prefers the Euphemism), more lights and electrical, water inspection, trim finished, and perhaps countertops installed.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Still at it

Flooring and painting and siding and trimming. Actually, siding is done now. Progress on other arenas:
 Master Bedroom "silvermist"
 Shoe cabinet
 Main bath vanity
 Main bath tile
 Trim and doors and hardware
 Mudroom boot shower (it grew up to be full size)
 Auntie Karleen (and Etta) & "cupola yellow"
 Our vanity Master bed/bath
 Cabinets arrived! Cupola and living room painted
Wood boiler in the fire room, breezeway sided
Power's on and we may have a toilet soon...