Monday, January 3, 2011

Still at it

Flooring and painting and siding and trimming. Actually, siding is done now. Progress on other arenas:
 Master Bedroom "silvermist"
 Shoe cabinet
 Main bath vanity
 Main bath tile
 Trim and doors and hardware
 Mudroom boot shower (it grew up to be full size)
 Auntie Karleen (and Etta) & "cupola yellow"
 Our vanity Master bed/bath
 Cabinets arrived! Cupola and living room painted
Wood boiler in the fire room, breezeway sided
Power's on and we may have a toilet soon...


  1. Looks great! Sorry new years didn't work out, but it looks like you guys are making some good progress! KP

  2. ah, to have a breezeway. but surely i'd fill it with clutter and end up resenting it :)