Thursday, May 29, 2014


I wrote the following post in May... But it stayed in draft and I see I'm a mere 5 months delinquent in finishing it. So here it is; unfinished, but part of my "I can do better at this" concept!

I put this app on my phone so I could post easily. I see that didn't quite pan out, since my last post was February. I don't want to let yet another month go by with no update, so:

Still winter. That's not surprising, but brr it's cold. Still frigid. The big lake is frozen. These things occupy our thoughts. 

Spring is not here. Warmer temps are coming but it's still cold. The big lake is still frozen. These things occupy our thoughts. 

Ohmygosh it's spring and we thought it would never arrive. I can think if nothing but sunshine and being outside.