Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We dove right in to summer in June, but summer didn't cooperate. It's been mild and WET creating ideal mosquito habitat. The mosquitos this year are so plentiful that our normal defense mechanisms aren't cutting the mustard. For much of June, we felt confined to the house; Bug dope and headnets cast aside. But we did get some beach time, boat time, and family time nonetheless. 

For our big vacation, the kids got sick, then it rained and was cold when they were better. We also took a mini vacation on the east end and the weather warmed up and gave us a reprieve from the mosquitos and the eternal spring.

May Be Happening

We finally got a good melt in May to the point where we felt pretty good about new snow not sticking around. Still chilly, but we got outside, got on bikes (!), got a propane truck stuck, got a road fixed, got 530 trees planted, got addicted to yoked Lopi sweater knitting, and got around. We celebrated birthdays and graduated from preschool. Big stuff.