Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eggs and more

I really like this food theme. I finished up the eggs and finally took a photo. Bought a couple wooden foods from Kangaroo Boo (a fun kids store), and have gotten heaps more ideas by perusing Etsy, as Jods suggested. I think I may get some Farfalle felt pasta from there, but otherwise, I'd like to make more and more stuff. This is what we've got so far:

[ veggie teethers by Under the Nile, wooden food by Haba and Estia, wool mushrooms by Jods, eggs (pre-serging) by me]

So I've got some big ideas and I've been working on play grocery sacks and collecting thrift store kitchen accoutrements but I really need to get to work on some more FOOD. I'm thinking mostly fruit and veggies but I think I could also do crackers, leafy greens, maybe fish... I want to stay away from sweets (people seem to be big on cupcakes, cookies, and cakes) and focus on healthy foods. Keep those suggestions coming! 


  1. Ohhh - what a great idea! I like it! I'll do it out of corduroy so it'll be bumpy!

  2. You could also make felted meatballs