Thursday, December 3, 2009

My studio: Take 4

The latest variation on a theme: my room. (Used to be my "sewing" room but I've decided that there's more that goes on in there than sewing - although mostly sewing to be honest - but anyway, "studio" sounds so much more creative. right?) When Grammy and Grandpa were visiting, I got a little art weekend. My version of bird camp. Sorta. Anyway, I got some terrible sewing done, and finally decided that I had had enough. In order to be effecient and sneak in some sewing time, I was going to need to clean and reorganize and get this place whipped back into shape. Viola.

I love this table! I've been wanting a funky chrome dinette table for a while, but never found the perfect one (except the one that got away...) until I stumbled across this at Vinnie's on Presque Isle. Trying to be rational, I walked away, a trick I learned from Kud. If I was still thinking about it the next day, I would go back. Well the next day was Applefest and I didn't get to go back to Vinnie's until the following Monday, where the table was gloriously still there and had been REDUCED to $30. Thrifting nirvana.

I have a thing for train cases. Lunch pails, train cases... maybe I just like boxes?
These are now filled with project stuff.

Oops - don't look at that last one. That's the white underbelly of my studio. My ungainly fabric piles. BUT it is an improvement over the floor and they are organized by fabric type (and then covered with upholstery fabric so they won't fade). Hey, it works.

So now, I suppose, it's time to get creative.


  1. Very nice!
    I covet that sugarbowl on the table that probably isn't holding sugar.

  2. I know you do, you already tried to commandeer it once. Good thrifting finds can be hard to come by in Packer Country...