Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Winter

It snowed! Finally finally (not that I'm complaining about the gorgeous November we had) but we finally got a sticking snow and got out to play in it. O waddled around in his snow pants, Veda tromped like a puppy, and Cricket curled up on the radiator. On Saturday, we finally got a chance to get our tree from Green Garden, a tradition we started last year.

A new tradition for this year: knit hats. I've seen others doing the same and liked the idea and of course Brian was on board. So each year before Christmas, Brian will get a new hat. I think I'll have to include Oliver in the deal too. He is wearing a handknit hat on this trip. It is a hat that Kud knit for me, but it was too small. So I washed it and now it's Oliver's. Perfect. Brian's got his Botanic Hat and I've got on my Crochet Hat (details on Ravelry - so Join Join!). Hats and Trees. We like wool. And snow.


  1. great pics! I like wool and winter, too. That's so funny--I THOUGHT that hat looked familiar, and I was wondering if you loaned O the hat I made you, but then the mystery was solved! Production is way down this year. But I'm glad to hear yours is up!

  2. I like the pics too! and I'm jealous of all that snow! I'm hoping we get some here soon.