Saturday, October 30, 2010

A List for Part 2

So folks have been asking, with increasing frequency, what (if anything) we need for Part 2. For the most part we have it covered. We received some wonderful hand-me-down (we adore hand-me-downs) infant winter wear from Emily and Chris. Much appreciated since O was born in May and his infant wear is mostly summery. We got a soft cotton blanket from Jodes and Cam (so Part 2 could have his/her very own) and a mattress and pad from Grammy. At some friends' suggestion, I considered a second high chair and, as luck would have it, found another used for a decent price. I also used an online coupon to get new tubes, cups, and nipples/caps for our breast pump. So, what else?

Well, food would be pretty helpful, frankly! Anything we can pop on the stovetop or in the oven during a hectic move and maternity leave would be greatly appreciated. Soup, enchiladas, lasagne, bread - all favorites and all wonderful reheated.

We picked up a used Ergo baby in L'Anse the other day, so the infant insert for that could be useful. Not sure because I've never used one with the insert before.

We were thinking about a wool mattress pad but with the luxe cotton mattress pad from Grammy, I wonder if that's overkill now.

We've got a great selection of diapers and probably have that covered. I was thinking of getting 1 or 2 more fitted diapers for the infant period [either Kissaluvs size 0 or Thirsties Fitted size Small], but we can probably make do with everything we have.

I was also thinking perhaps about a special blanket. Oliver has become attached to his and may not be willing to share. I'm leaning towards a knit one, and I think there are several that could work. Nook makes one (in great colors!). Found a taupe-y bamboo one on Amazon. Color(s) should be similar to the room (aqua, brown/taupe or orange, maybe lime). This one has all the colors - but is it sweater knit? And here is one from Stokke that's pretty close. Moving on.

And we don't NEED them, but I did fall in love with DwellStudio's owl burp and bib set. We have a similar one for O (now, quite stained and well-used) that we loved. Very soft and of course, cute.

I'm not sure what else... books? What do those of you with 2 kids suggest?


  1. Wool has become a favorite of mine for keeping warm. Since your house tends to be on the cool side (not a bad thing) a wool pad might be the ticket for helping a baby stay warm. Also, if it becomes wet, it would still maintain some of the warming qualities. Actually, I have never heard of a wool matress pad, although a good idea...

  2. That's true - we wanted wool for its warmth and water repellency. Plus, as a puddle pad, it wouldn't get stinky. But the new house should be considerably warmer. Maybe we'll open our windows at night to sleep ;)