Monday, October 11, 2010

33 Weeks

This is what 33 weeks looks like:

Not entirely different from what 30 weeks looks like:

But this is what 33 weeks feels like:

(from this site)
Just jokin'. But Part 2 is a squirmly little bundle and is occassionally pushing on organs and bits I'd prefer left unpushed. Otherwise, still going fairly well. Not really experiencing the insomnia and snoring and acheyness that I was with Oliver about this time. Things ache and hurt (a rib massage or rib cage expansion device would be super), but overall, we're doing fairly well. Really my only complaint right now is I'm slowing down and not able to get to the gym as often as I'd like. But we do have some other things going on, you see.


  1. ha! great visual joke. Love it. Where were you heading to, all dolled up at 33 weeks?

  2. We went out to Harvest dinner for our anniversary! The neighbors watched Oliver - we came back to find them having a party with beer and boys... well, men. Co-workers actually. But it's still kind of funny.

  3. Not snoring....I beg to differ!