Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Knitting Fool

I knit a sweater.

That fact, in and of itself, is rather uninteresting.

But it's the 5th sweater in a challenge to myself to knit 13 sweaters in 2013.

And now that I've gone public with that info, I feel a bit more committed to it. (Darn, can I take it back?)

Well, anyway, this is the 5th and I've already cast on for the 6th. So far, 5 are for ME and 1 was for Darling.

Selfish knitting, I suppose, but being the knitter, I get to decide that.

I imagine that the fall and winter will be filled with baby and kid sweaters so that I can meet my goal with less knitting, but we shall see.

Did I mention 2013 is meant to be a stash busting year as well? Ahem. We shall see...


  1. Looks GREAT Amy! You've committed now! I'm watching!

    1. Thanks! Darling says he still doesn't get the point of short sleeve sweaters, but as the wearer, I have come around to their purpose. I get it. I like it! (and leaving sleeves off may be the only way to make my 13 sweater goal...)

      5 down, 7 to go!

  2. Love it! Is there a patern for this short sleeve sweater?

    1. Thank you! There is, and I just updated the post to include the link, but it's Turmeric by Veera (

      I never thought I'd knit a short sleeve sweater, but I really liked the idea of layering it and turns out, it's useful after all! I'm even wearing it today...