Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At last, Winter

Such a strange winter. The lack of snow has been a bit of a downer, especially considering the storms in the mid-Atlantic, where they don't even particularly want it. But this weekend we finally got some fresh stuff and man oh man was it fun to get out in it: sledding, snowshoeing, shoveling. Good times! One of the family stayed inside, you can guess who.

I would love to show you another picture, but I didn't take it, so a story will suffice. After gathering all the elements (skiis, chariot, chariot skiis, dog, ski clothes, kid snow suit, blanket) we finally got out to do a ski after work. With the lack of snow and lack of time, we have had a serious lack of skiing in this household. We were all starting to feel it, and the fresh snow was just the impetus to push us into action. By the time we got to the trail, it was dark dark (not just "adult dark"), but we got the chariot put together, the skiis on, and the kid inserted with a hot tea, headlamp and cow magazine. And our little party took off for an absolutely marvelous ski and grand conditions. Lit by the glow of the moon we made our way along the trail. O was completely cozy in there, with his little light shining. We didn't see anyone the whole time until we were almost back at the car. We passed some other skiiers who wished us a good ski and beautiful night (we had both) and asked, "is that a BABY in there? How fun!" It was.


  1. 1) since when do you have chickens??
    2) Oliver is so adorable, and I will say again, that I CAN'T believe I've never met him!
    3) Your eveing ski sounds absolutely amazing!
    4) How are you.

  2. 1) we don't, actually... they're our friends' chickens. we were visiting and Oliver was helping. So was Veda, actually, which was not helpful in the least.
    2)I can't believe it either! I thought we had a pact to hang out every Canoecopia?
    3)It was! We were so glad to just get out there ("no goals, no expectations") and then to have it actually be a beautiful night was icing on the cake. Got a little bit of ourselves back.
    4)So pretty good, I'd say!

    Miss you guys - we should meet halfway for a retreat!

  3. Love the photos! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the white stuff.

  4. Oh my, that shot of snow and rock wall and snow suit is fantastic!! What fun.