Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's mourning?

So this weather is highly unusual. And there are some die-hard winter fans in these parts and this family, to be sure. However, despite late-short snow and snow going to all the wrong places, we will not be mourning winter. Turns out, we will be embracing spring. Spring! This week we
:: did a little spring cleaning and purging and trimming
:: signed up for our CSA
:: rode bikes and trikes
:: traded (snow) boots for (mud) boots and shoes
:: saw grass in the backyard
:: ate supper outside
:: ventured out without jackets or hats
:: felt the sun on our backs
:: traded yard implements

We do love our snow here. Except when it's spring, I guess. I had forgotten (as I seemingly do every year. Spring never ceases to surprise me.) just how good it feels to open the windows, embrace the return of the light, and step into spring. 
What have you been doing in this weather?

1 comment:

  1. Ski powder! We just got our biggest snowstorm of the year. Saving the best for last, I guess...