Monday, December 13, 2010

And now we paint

...And paint ... And paint.
Not like the old days where we would slap out a few rooms in a weekend. Hah! Lots of things waiting on our painting, such as trim, flooring, cabinets... But with the arrival of the babe and winter, I don't mind.

We had intended to use Yolo Colorhouse for our paints. They come in pretty earthy colors and we were aiming for neutrals for the most part. They're eco-friendly and reasonably priced - but not sold anywhere around here. I decided that shipping gallons of paint was decidedly un-eco-groovy and went back to our old standby: Harmony Low VOC paints from Sherwin Williams. The 40% off sale helped as well. The colors are pretty much all Martha Stewart (figures), and they blend together well. We were going for neutrals but trying to keep it warm and not too cool and modern at the same time. Most of the rooms are on the North Side anyway, so we'll be using furniture and accessories to brighten spaces seasonally. (Um, at least that's the idea.)
We have:

Popcorn (kitchen, scullery, bathrooms) Whetstone Gray (scullery, hallway)
Sharkey Gray (O's room, living room, other hallway)
Potter's Clay (dining room, mudroom)
Silvermist (Master Bedroom)
Tide Pool and Snowy Owl (Etta's room)
Rice Paper (Entry)
Cupola Yellow - seriously! (Cupola)
One thing not held up by our slow paint progress -- siding! Go Dave!


  1. Wow - those color chips really don't show up well on a computer monitor. Guess you'll have to wait for room photos...

  2. yeah, I was wondering. they all look grey, even the "cupola yellow," which probably isn't grey!