Thursday, October 6, 2011

And then it was October

Wow. A month went by like that, eh? Sorry for my negligence of the blog. I'll try to post more regularly, but some weeks it's tough.

The highlights:
Grandparent visiting
Boating and fishing
Woods walking
Leaves changing
Pumpkin picking and carving
Costume deciding (dinosaur, Stegosaurus actually. Departing from the bird theme. And a cat for E, though I did the deciding on that.)
Knitting and knitting

The lowlights:
Heat storage tank dilemma-ing
Cluster fly vacuuming
Cat eye injuring
Concrete staining (ow, our aching knees)


  1. Pumpkin carving already!?!

    What happened to Cricket's eye? Is he okay?

    I LOVE the pictures!!!

    Miss you lots, xoxo!!!

    Auntie Karleen

  2. Seriously, pumpkin carving already! Hope cricket is okay :). Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes! Kate is going to be a monarch butterfly! Miss you.

  3. Oh, I miss you both terribly as well! Yes, pumpkin carving! He was so excited, there was no holding back - well a little holding back. We have 3 yet to carve.

    Cricket: it's a mystery, but he will be fine. I called for him as I was getting ready to go to work (he'd been outside probably 20 min). He walked up very slowly and wouldn't move his head, his left eye oozing blood. Longer story short: vet said head trauma from hitting into something, mild eye laceration and probably a minor concussion. Almost back to normal now. (But still a little blood inside a very Halloweenish eye.)

    Jackie - may need to get some tips, wasn't Kate a cat for her 1st Halloween?

  4. Yes- she was a kitty cat for her second Halloween (she was a flower for her first). The kitty cat is the easiest and cutest costume ever! I'll send a pic.

  5. clothes? wearing a 3T, but I'm generally not getting/making anything smaller than 4T