Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday 5.0

Last year, O was all about the dinos. This year... Sharks!

We scaled things back a wee bit this year. We had heaps going on and I found last year that for all of the things I planned and made by hand, a couple key games and treats were plenty.  

We had Pin the Fin on the shark instead of the dino egg hunt. And we used a store-bought pinata instead of making one. A variety of snacks... pizza... fish cupcakes... and shark (+ whale + dolphin) water guns in the goodie bags - really, what more could a kid want? A rousing success according to the celebrated, which is what matters.

Happy Birthday, O!

PS. Rather poor pictures I admit - but all I had was the phone since our camera went missing for the weekend. Thank goodness I don't blog for a living. I do wish I had more shots of the goodie bags, which I was pretty jazzed about: shark squirt gun, shark bath squirter, stickers, ocean coloring page, shark bubbles, and a pencil. I guess I should have made one for me...

PPS. Oliver has his birthday parties (locations and themes) planned out for the next 4 years. Etta's too probably. Ask him about it - it's good stuff.

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