Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bit by Bit

I jazzed up the basement. We were supposed to finish the bathroom and hang doors last weekend, but instead Darling finished the electric in my workroom. In typical fashion, he ran into issues, so it's not technically done yet, but we're closer. And, instead of doing something more useful, I painted frames, hung kids' art, and organized and purged my sewing patterns. Not on "the list" but pretty darn rewarding. Check out Etta's self portrait. 

One pattern drawer after... And one before... And (not pictured) and entire grocery bag full of purged patterns! See? Bit by bit...


  1. It looks great! It will be easier to hang doors and finish the bathroom now that you have such nice art work to look at. I love Oliver's colorful dragon, and even Etta's self-portrait has sass!

  2. I love the art! Perhaps they could make a piece or two to send to their Aunties!?!