Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cricket the Bold

In June, Cricket went to the vet to try to reverse his deteriorating condition. Despite amazing care, he came home on a Friday night and died Saturday morning. We buried him with flowers and toys, and with wet eyes and a heavy heart began the drive to Pittsburgh. It is 5 months later, and I still miss him terribly. There's a void in our lives that he created when he left. He was an Awesome Cat. 

He rode in canoes.
He sat on people (or pants) while they used the toilet. 
He watched movies like a person, on his back, paws on top of the covers.
He crammed into us hard when we came back from a trip.
He converted non-cat people. 
He was a neighborhood ambassador. 
He kept the short tailed shrew population in check. 
He rode shoulders. 
He went on hikes and walks. 
He challenged Golden Retrievers. 
He won the affection of Golden Retrievers. 

He had 4 adult canines. 
He had some trauma to his eye (still unknown) that ultimately caused it to be removed. 
He was loved by the vets, and is missed by them yet. 
He had a little white bow tie. 
He had a lousy sense of smell. 
He was a little Houdini who became a poster child for Invisible Fence. 
His escapades include escaping through a house window, hanging himself by his harness and tether from a tree, escaping a City police car, alluding a bear, walking a half-mile to the neighbors only to be sent to the shelter, and singeing his whiskers on the woodstove trying to get closer to heat. 

He was an Awesome Cat. 

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