Friday, August 21, 2009

Fitting it in

I love making things from other things. And yesterday was a seemingly long day, with no real end in sight. So I figured I would somehow squeeze more into the day (what happened to my New Year's Resolution: Less is More!) and, while Brian was putting Oliver to bed, I grabbed a pillowcase I had been saving for just such and occasion, grabbed Oliver's gusseted Kate Quinn Straight Leg Pants (that gusset rocks for puffy cloth diapered bums) and cut out a pair of pants. I had them sewn up in about 3 minutes and I'm thrilled. Super super fast project and I love the results. It's a good start - trying to fit creativity into each day can be difficult and little bits make me feel awesome!

It's refreshing to see re-use sewing in the mainstream. It might be making it a little harder for me to find my favorite materials at the thrift store, but the UP was never a bastion of style. When we made Erin & Tony's wool blanket, it took us months to collect enough wool sweaters that didn't have Green Bay Packer logos on them.

Anyway, there are some other folks doing things with recycled and thrifted materials that I really like. I tried to get Betz White's Sewing Green book from the library for months (darn you interlibrary loan restrictions!) before I finally saw it in our local bookstore. It is full of cool ideas and some great resources, so I decided to buy it. My neighbor Jods, who is a super crafty lady herself, finds all kinds of neat homemade stuff on blogs and Etsy. She found this pair of pants made by Molly who took an Amy Butler pattern for lounge pants and made it out of sheets with great trim. Yeah, not so lucky finding beautiful vintage sheets here in da U.P. but we do have a steady stream of flannel and plaid and thus, Oliver's pillowcase pants. Actually, Molly's blog Foothill Home Companion is really cool - she does lots of re-use projects. She also makes T-shirt bags! Speaking of T-shirt bags, the Marquette Food Coop is still selling my T-shirt bags and that's been pretty fun.

My neighbor also turned me on to the Soule Mama blog, which I have really come to love. I always wanted to hate blogs because they seemed so self-serving to me (who wants to read all of my mental vomit?), but there are some out there that are actually pretty fun to read. Good writers, good topics, good vibes. Soule Mama is one of them.

So you're probably wondering why I bothered to start a blog myself? Good question, and I've really thought about it. But that's a topic for another post.


  1. Hey Amy, I love that you turned the kites shirts into bags! I still have mine. I love the pants as well. Enjoy your blog, I know I will enjoy reading it. Defne

  2. Nice work with the pillow case pants! Can't wait to see him in them!

  3. my sister is the smartest lady in the land. except for mom, of course.