Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello, Summer!

Sunday was an aberration of summer 09. Beautiful - sunny - breezy... So we packed many summer adventures into one day. Starting with some crafting: I'm assuming my blog posts aren't top on Chris and Elly's list ... so I'm posting a picture of their wedded bliss duvet cover. I finally got a sun-filled day to wash and hang it to dry:
I thought it was all original - an idea totally my own. But then when I looked at it hung on the line, it seemed very Denyse Schmidt-esque. Ah well, we all get inspiration from somewhere.

With the warm air, we couldn't resist a trip to the property. Brian made some wood from some aspen he didn't care for, Oliver helped, and I picked blueberries.

Then we went down the street to a farm field feast. Our local Slow Food chapter put on a dinner at Seeds and Spores Farm, where we had great food, great company, and a beautiful time on the farm. I even met a fellow Ravelry-er from Marquette and eyed her sweaters and hand-knit woolens all evening.

Oliver sat on Lenny (he started saying "horse" only the day before) and couldn't stop talking about horses the whole rest of the evening. We took several walks by the horses and even fed Lenny some clover. That inspired a whole new round of "horse! horse!" and Oliver started picking all sorts of grass and weeds, holding his arm out and saying "horse!" as if one would magically appear to eat the grass (even if we were nowhere near the horses). We closed with an amazing fresh cream and raspberry clafouti and headed home.

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  1. ohhh - forgot to mention Auntie Kud's latest handknit wares: Oliver is taking his new sweater for a romp on the farm