Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bring on the dancing horses

Oh I do like that song. (Actually, NMU radio hosts seem to like it too because for an old Echo and the Bunnymen tune, it gets a lot of airplay.) Anyway, that isn't what this post is about. It's about horses. Like Mama like son, so the saying doesn't go. I'll make up my own. Truth be told, I don't know that I was ever into horses this much at this age (17 months-ish). But holy cow, do we love the horses. 
We love the stick "horsey"!

And the plastic horsey!

And the finger puppet horsey!

And the spring horsey!

And now, we love the horsey books so so much that we cry. Yes, cry. Oliver was upset because he couldn't read them when he had one grasped tightly in each hand. Yet he wouldn't put either down so that he could turn the pages in the other. Hmmm.

(notice the other one is safely under his elbow...)

Horse love. New items making their way onto my "projects for Oliver" list. Last weekend, during an all-too-short nap, I fashioned together this horse book to teach Oliver a little about horse breeds. How silly, he flips through the pictures so fast I can't even say Appaloosa. He does think it's hilarious to point to the Clydesdale and tell his Papa, "cow".

Next up: a pony cloth book. We'll see how that goes.


  1. That boy really does need a live pony of his own!!! ha ha! I love his love for horses, so cute.

  2. I forgot to mention the book titles (only posted links):
    That's Not My Pony!
    Busy Horsies
    and of course: Oliver's Alphabet of Horses