Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Chef

So I've got this big idea for Oliver for Christmas: a kitchen. I convinced (coerced?) Dad to make a wood frame with a sink and oven (kinda like this one). I picked up a great little chafing dish at a garage sale that will be perfect for the sink. He's got his IKEA cookset from Aunties Karen and Monica. And I've introduced Auntie Kud's Charlie Brown lunchbox. So NOW I just need to get on the food. I finally got started with some eggs I'd been thinking about. They're a little puckery, but I'm learning. I'll post pictures when I get a moment. Now I'm on the lookout for some fillable wooden eggs. I can use the plastic ones in a pinch, but I was hoping for wood. You just let me know if you find any.

I also need to figure out what other food I can make... but I assume I'm going to need an apple.


  1. Hey, check out felt food on Etsy. There is tons of it so you could get some good ideas. You could buy some, but it'd be super easy to make!

  2. Holy cow! I had no idea this whole segment of craftiness was out there!! Thanks Jods!