Sunday, January 10, 2010


We took an alternate route for the wooden kitchen, but the destination is the same: cooking. Or, "coookin" as Oliver says. This is truly a hit. And I'm so glad, because with a car, a train, "animuls", drums, and other lovely and handmade gifts, the kitchen could easily have been a dud. But it's not. It's a smashing success. I asked Oliver what he was cooking and he said, "Supper!" Then I told him supper was ready, and asked him if he wanted to eat. "No," he replied. Cooking, you see, is much more entertaining than eating.


  1. Did your dad make that? It's fantastic! Super adorable.

  2. No, he didn't :( That was the change... we hit an antique store one day at lunch and found this little gem with all the elements we were looking for. Plus it was used and so so reasonable. Dad said he hadn't started the kitchen yet, so... we bought it and Dad is brewing up another handmade idea.