Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So-so sew

Ah yes, the kimono slipper. It wasn't pretty. I made some holiday gifts using Amy Karol's house slipper pattern and some pretty kimono fabric I got from Britex years ago. (Another patient spouse episode. Darling, I love you.) Within 10 minutes of wearing, the kimono fabric had frayed away from the seam and Karen's toes were sticking out. Kud put them on and instantly slid across the floor. That worried me more than the fraying fabric. With Kud's propensity for broken bones, a simple kimono slipper could have turned into another trip to the orthopedic surgeon. I don't want that on my gifting conscience. So far so good with Jods. Jods: consider this your warning.

But it was just another poor sewing episode that just got me a bit down and made me feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Bags bags bags. Ever since I closed the Phat Pharm, I've been steadily decreasing my sewing skills. Although I mostly did patchwork and mostly did the same improvised patterns, at least I was sewing regularly enough to stay somewhat skilled at it. I've done some quilts (patchwork again!), and a toy or two, some toddler clothes, but mostly just bags. Bags in most shapes or forms are comfortable to me and I'm okay improvising and winging it. I've come to fear and loathe patterns and I seem to lack the patience to see a patterned project to completion. In fact, that is it in a nutshell: the successful projects were the ones I made up, like Oliver's play food and gussett pants and a knit cotton shirt I cut and sewed into a cardigan with a snazzy button, and some little art projects. The major bummer projects were the ones I used patterns on (slippers and jammies to name just 2).

Our local quilting store, Alley Kat's, is having a Sewing 101 class, for beginning sewers who want to make garments. It starts this week when I'm out of town, so looks like it won't work out. But I'd really like to take it if she offers it again. I'm not necessarily a begining sewer, but I have heaps to learn. It could force me to slow down, read a pattern, learn about knits and stretch, and possibly avoid the kimono slipper syndrome. Or maybe I should just take a lesson from Darling. He followed a pattern (not having sewn much at all before) and made me a flannel nightgown... made his dad a work apron... Hmmm, stew on that. I just may not be cut out for fine tailoring.


  1. I tried to sew once. I inherited a sewing machine from my grandma. I tried to sew a pillow case - it was my first and last sewing attempt. My bags you sewed for me are still holding up :)

  2. That's awesome! But there it is again... the bag lady!