Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Where did April go? Or May for that matter. Lost in a whirlwind of travel and work and house plans, I think. And a mini 1/3-life crisis. Whew. Luckily, a beautiful spring trip to the 'burgh and a quickie down to Chicago got us up and out.

When things get crazy busy, it's easy to drop the blog. And sometimes I vocalize this and say to you (one or more of you handful of readers), "I think I'm going to quit the blog and take it down." At which point you somehow use your wiley words and convince me it actually is a good spot for sharing updates and stories. So this post is for you, you convincers. We're still here. Just peeking out from everything on our plates right now.


  1. Thanks for keepin' the blog going, Amy. And I didn't even know you were thinking about taking it down! I check for updates frequently.

    And, boy, does Oliver ever have PapPap's ears!

  2. I love these pictures! He's such a happy boy!
    And please keep the blog going, even if time has it's way with you and it's not as often as you would like. I do check regularly and it's helps to see what's going on in your lives especially since O's Aunties can't get up to see him as much as we would like.

  3. So glad to see your post. I miss you!!!