Friday, July 9, 2010

All Points Bulletin

Attention: thrifters, scavengers, rummage sale-ers!
Photo from Modern Kiddo
Two weeks (more?) ago I got Oliver this (circa 1960s) Fisher Price Airport at a yard sale for... $1! We never had one growing up, but certainly spent some time with the one in the Ethan Allen play room. Since then I've been scouring eBay etc. for accessories of the same vintage:
I found the Family Car. And then scored on the tram/luggage car/fuel car set (with 2 suitcases!). The rest? They are in abundance on eBay it turns out. And even Etsy. But holy wah, I can't see spending $30+ on all of the other parts. Seems to squash the wild excitement of my $1 find, you see. So I'm seeking assistance! If you see any of these Little People et al in your comings and goings and thrift stores and yard sales, please pick 'em up! Cheap is key here. Perhaps O's final airport will be a collection of odds and ends from around the country. Fun fun! I'll post in the comments if/when I score some other accessories. And Thanks of course!
Photo from I Love the 80s

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