Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving Along

Photos of the finished septic, basement heating and slab, concrete block, and well drilling.
Septic field carved (carefully?) around the highbush blueberry patch
Laying the pex

Floor is poured!

Well Rig

Block arrives!

This week:
Basement windows are in
Bracing and beams are in
Old well is abandoned
New well is plumbed and capped
Basement is backfilled
Garage and porch are dug

Hope to catch up on photos this weeked. Have a great one!


  1. It really is moving along quickly! and I love the part two bump - so cute!

  2. nothing like building with a baby on board ;)

    just found out - 2 walls up today! progress!

  3. that's really exciting, Beez. it's gotta be cool to see those pipes laid in the floor. Fall is underway here--but it looks like you guys are still full-on summer.