Friday, February 4, 2011

At home

With all the building posts, you may think I forgot that I was on maternity leave, as opposed to construction leave or vacation. But no. We're holding our own, Etta and I. It's true that she has learned to sleep with power saws roaring and nail guns blapping, and I have learned to paint exceptionally fast and with a baby on me if need be.

But we have other, cozier moments together too. Those of you who know me quite well may be surprised to find that there are days that I (happily) accomplish nothing at all. We migrate from one blanketed spot to another. I feel a lot like Cricket, looking for the warmest nook in the house to curl up in. I knit, read, and pull meals from the freezer and Etta does too, right there with me, right there on me. We've had some terrific weeks together. It's been a lot like, well, vacation.

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