Tuesday, February 8, 2011

But First...

I was hesitating to post building progress because I really wanted to show you things that are done. Final. Finished. But as we plod on, not a single room is done. Each one has something else unfinished: lights, appliances, counters, appurtenances. Stuff.

So here is the one thing in the house that is complete: our kitchen bookcase.

Followed by some captured 'firsts":
First meal

First sleepover

First tandem change

First furniture put together

First fire
Now happily awaiting the First Finished Room. Which will it be?? (And how finished is "finished"?)


  1. Pretty amazing. Wow! And I want a kitchen bookcase - so perfect!

  2. It's looking so nice! I can't wait for my next visit to see it all done. Ahhh...those sweet little faces...how I love them. Kisses to my niece & nehpew!!!

  3. I'm so thrilled for you guys!