Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 and 4 and 5

Today I present to you:

Number 3:: Oliver's Room

We need to get the closet together, hang his artwork and coat hook, and get some curtains up, but the main part is done. It was actually the 1st room done, but I was holding off because I was hoping to finish those other things. I've now come to terms with the fact that hanging art is low low low priority. Those magazine-style photos with vignettes and styley angles? Not likely.

O totally loves his room. He loves to play in it, he loves the carpeting, he loves the art easel, he loves his tool bench. He loves to show it off and invites everyone to come play in his room. Until we finished the cupola, we had a hard time getting him out of his room. Now, the cupola ranks a close second. He has slept up there countless nights since the furniture was in, assembled, and arranged. Seriously. There may be evidence that I, too, have enjoyed the coziness of the cupola. Just sayin

Number 4:: Kids Bath

The bath is also not done, but it'll be a while before it is. We have to hang the towel bars, shower bar, and tp holder and they have to go through tile so we're rather reluctant to drill them in. We want to be sure, see. There are shelves that will be going above the laundry chute and I will have to repaint the red border on the Hoosier (the black latex did not stick so I'll need to get some enamel) but those are probably spring/summer projects. Oh, and the vanity lights may be rehung. They're rather, well, high. Mistakes happen with a whole house project. So we'll see. But done for now! Kids don't need shower curtains or toilet paper holders anyhow.

Number 5:: Entry

The entry was done, then not done (closet bar catastrophe), then filled with moving boxes utilizing the free floor space, then done again. Pretty basic, but now we can use the front door. We need a mirror here and a rigging system to hang the Kruse-Jenkins stained glass in the window.

Other progress: the pass-through got cleaned out for our first ever dinner party, as well as some other random unpacking and putting-away. A worthy impetus. Hopefully those cleared spaces will not be reoccupied by packing materials or homeless items. We shall see.


  1. It's looking great, Amy! I love the bathroom tile. Impressive.

  2. It looks so GREAT! I can't wait to see it!! I was also wondering if you own stock in Burt's Bees???

  3. Thanks! Feels good to hear it - kind of get lost in the boxes and clutter and it's nice to get some confirmation of the big picture. And no stock yet in Burt's Bees, though that's because we're financially unsavvy. Just a generous Aunt with good taste (smell too)!