Thursday, March 10, 2011

The view from here

This week we:

Hooked up our dryer

Spent limited time in irrational but delicious ways

Found the sofa

Had a sick day

Took in the view

Cozied up in the cupola (making it the 2nd finished room for those counting)

Said goodbye

It was a full week


  1. Is it pathetic that I got slightly teary-eyed that you said goodbye to the Alger house?
    But I'm loving the pics of the new house, it looks great. You guys really did a good job!
    And of course I love seeing pics of the kids, I miss you all...Skype soon?

  2. Um, I got more than slightly teary-eyed at leaving Alger. Lots of love, time, and life was spent there. The new owners will be very happy, I'm sure. But we're taking our family (and neighbors) with us! More life to be had yet -

  3. I felt a bit sad, too, and I'd only spent a few days there. Still, where you guys got installed in MI, and had O, and started a good life--that house served you well, I'd say. But I love the pics of your new nest--so much light! I "miss" Etta. Cant wait to meet her.