Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I made this!

I best be careful, before you go thinking this is a crafting blog. But, oh man, I had a day to myself (President's Day! Holiday!) and ran straight for the sewing machine. I had a need to be creative in the worst way, and the kind of scattered-across-the-room blow-out that I was thinking simply could not be achieved with little bodies scampering around. (Although the very littlest body in the house made himself my helper.) So I took my day and did the best I could. An experienced, knowledgeable, professional (?) blogger would spread these creations out over several posts and include beautiful photos, well-staged, lit and detailed. I know what's out there; but this is what ya get:

First: Cozy Pants for Oliver

I have admitted that I'm a lazy sewer. I'm not good at following patterns and prefer to wing it, yet get really cranky when/if that doesn't pan out. But I bought myself a bunch of sewing books and patterns last year (probably nesting hormones or something). This first project was a little bit of a fusion. I used a pattern (Kid Pants by Dana at MADE), but added in a little modification: fold-over cuffs for extended length. I used organic cotton velour from Very Baby and some "Zoo" fabric by Alexander Henry. To make them extra cozy for the fella who likes to wear Pajammies all day, I turned the velour (brushed) side to the inside. Next time, I'd make the cuffs smaller and the rise larger. But he wore them non-stop once he saw them. Running, to sleep, and then to school. That makes them a winner!

Second: Gussetted Pants for Etta
I've been meaning to make some of these for a little while: the Big Butt Baby Pants by Made-by-Rae. I had bigger, better fabric combos in mind, but my fabric stash is all over Etta's room and the basement in bins and garbage bags. So this combo sufficed. I liked it, then didn't once it was together. Then liked it again once it was on her. I haven't gotten any feedback from her yet, but I think she likes them. I like that they have a bottom poofy enough to fit over her cloth diapered bum without straining. I had big ideas to modify this pattern and in the end decided to make it (at least the first time) just as written. I'm glad I did. I'm pretty sure it was faster that way.

Third: Some bags for Craft Hope

Craft Hope is an organization that coordinates the crafting of individuals and gives the resulting products to a deserving recipient. I have always been interested in participating, but finally jumped on board with a couple small bags for Project 16: Littlest Warriors. They are asking for beanies and bags to give to children in the cancer ward. Seeing how cancer continually is popping up in our lives, friends, family - it seemed appropriate. The deadline is mid-March and I'm hoping to have a couple more to contribute.

Fourth: A Pillowcase for the Cupola

Not like we really need it, but I got some fabric a while back (a year ago?) in grey and Cupola Yellow with the intention of making housewares and accessories for the cupola and maybe living room. With heating and insulation and flooring being more pressing issues, nesting has taken a back burner. But it doesn't take long to make a pillowcase, so I did. Learning from my living room pillowcases, I made this one a little smaller, so that it fit more tightly on the pillow. AND I may have erred slightly in the small direction this time. But it's staying. Oliver likes it and noticed it right away. He has an eye for detail, that kid.

Fifth: Pillowcase Pants for Etta

I actually made these for Oliver a while back. I cut them from 2 thrifted flannel pillowcases and lined up a pair of his 2T pants that fit well. Only... I slipped up somehow because they were way too small. I took them out to try to figure out how to fix them and, after holding them up to a pair of Etta's pants, decided the fastest fix was a new size tag and hemmed legs. Viola.
And that, is a wrap!


  1. Nice work! Glad to see the Cricket was your little helper.

    Who or what did Oliver get into a fight with?

    As always, love seeing pics of those kids!

  2. a tree and a rock. Although, when Casey tells it, he got the better of 'em. Shiner is all but gone now, and scrapes are healing up nicely.