Monday, February 27, 2012

Hairdos and Don'ts

:: Don't let your baby girl grow a mullet.
:: Do use a cutting cape and sharp (fast) shears.

:: Do work quickly to get the straightest lines possible.
:: Don't think a wedge is too edgy for a toddler.
:: Don't forget the blueberries


  1. I LOVE the sad-face photos! This whole post is hilarious. Did blueberries save the day? They seem to in our household.
    Though, I'm guilty of letting my baby girl rock a mullet.

  2. They did save the day! I don't know how we forgot that. It always took blueberries to keep Oliver distracted so I could cut his hair when he was a wee babe. Once we remembered, everything went swimmingly. I think with the patient growth of my sweet niece's hair, it'd be a pity to cut any of it, even to avoid a mullet ;)