Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Day

Today was the 1st day of our (1/2) marathon training plan. We'll be running the Grand Island Trail half-Marathon in July. It's the longest race I'll have done, and Darling too. So we decided to do a proper training plan. After winter efforts to improve our overall fitness with P90X and videos (I know. I know. But I actually like workouts like that.), we're back on the ground.

It's black out here. This was the first time I'd run this early since moving out here and it's dark. Black as midnight on a moonless night, which it was, except for being midnight, that is. And, no, I had no Aurora or full moon lighting the way, as in Aaron's photo above. I put Veda's brush guard on upside down so the Day-Glo piece was on her back, clipped a flashing LED to her collar, and slipped into my reflective vest. It wasn't enough. I made it a few feet down the driveway before I turned back and grabbed my headlamp. Another first, I've never run with one before.

We plan to take turns: one runs and one works out (or sleeps) at home. One takes the long run Saturday, the other on Sunday. Veda gets to go on it all, but I'm wondering if the sudden mileage will hurt her. May be better to warm up to it. We opted to postpone that treadmill purchase until a bit better time financially, and though we'll miss the convenience, we'll make up for it with fresh air and a well-exercised hound.

The plan called for a short, slow run, which was just fine by me. With the snow off of the ground, my shoes felt a little funny: no YakTraks. And no visibility. Did I mention it was dark? The sound of my footfalls ricocheted off the abandoned railcars next to the old railroad grade. Some dogs barked when we puttered by. A bonus to the little halo of light I ran by? Couldn't see the hills, and that was a pretty pleasant way to run them. All in all, a new and interesting start to the day.