Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's the Little Things

Being that we've lived here a year now, you'd think we be done with most rooms. At least the bulk of them. And I suppose we are; the important things are done (heating, plumbing, you know). But it's the little things that elude us. Things like towel bars, shades, toilet paper holders...

Finally finished the master bath. Thanks, Grandpa!

I've gotten pretty lax about posting photos of finished rooms and details on them, since building isn't our main focus now. But I do like to document it, so here's a new installment: 

::The Ofuro tub is the Neptune Osaka. It was the deepest soaking tub we could find with the smallest footprint and water usage. We didn't splurge for the jets or neck pillows, but we love it. The kids adore it.

::The toilet is the Toto Aquia, a dual-flush water saving toilet. We totally love it and probably should have gotten them for every toilet in the house, but we tried to save some money there.

::Our shower and bath fixtures are the Green Tea Collection by American Standard.

::Everything else is scrapped together: an off-the-shelf Menard's sink, the vanity base built to our specs by the cabinetmaker, boxes and boxes of Lowe's clearance tile (imported from Pennsylvania! Thanks Pap-pap!), a mirror from IKEA, and bamboo accessories (medicine cabinet, paper and towel holders, and shades) from your local big box store.

Whew. It feels a little overwhelming again revisiting it all now. All those decisions, all those purchases... glad to have another small part done.

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