Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Getaway

We planned a family weekend way back in cold winter. We rented a Forest Service cabin to ski in to and spend a fun weekend curled up around the wood stove, reading, knitting, and eating simply.

Things didn't go according to plan. That happens (happens heaps with us). Spring came early, so with no snow we drove to the cabin. Temps were fluctuating but once we got a roaring fire going, we had to open the door to avoid roasting ourselves. And while it did not end up being particularly relaxing (the Beaner can't seem to sleep when out of routine), it was rewarding and fun.

A beautiful weekend: great times spent out of doors, a visit to a part of the Forest we hadn't tromped before, and a recharge to the system. We'll do it again.


  1. great pics! sure does look like everyone's having fun. when was it?

    1. Thanks! I got a little snap happy! We went the weekend after Mum's bday. Temps had dropped from the weirdo 80 degrees of mid-March, but were still unusually warm...