Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dinosaur Party Inspiration

We've got a big birthday coming up! Oliver turns 4 at the end of the month, but with the holiday and other plans, we're celebrating this weekend. We tried to incorporate him more in the planning this year because, well, he has opinions. The lad vascillated between a dinosaur party, a truck party, and a bird party. Continually. Finally, I made the call and decided on dinosaurs.

I looked online for some inspiration and got it in spades. Holy wah! Did you know there are all-out-kids'-birthday-party-coordinators out there? Yes, there are. We don't intend to put on that caliber of event, but incorporate a couple fun ideas. Here's what we're planning:

T Rex Watermelon Server

Lava Cupcakes
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

A Dino Egg Hunt

A Dino Egg (or Head?) Pinata

Dino Invitations and Decorations
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Fossil Cookies

Snack foods and Dino Veggie Spread

We'll see how much we actually attempt since it's coming up this weekend. But it's been fun planning and anticipating O's excitement. He keeps seeing Dino invites and decorations around the house and asking about it. Fun fun. We'll post some pictures after the event!


  1. I want to go!!!

    I just love it, and I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    How the heck is he 4 already!?!

    1. We worked on decorations and favor bags last night... I can't believe how fun it actually was and how excited he was! Good times.