Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrifting Recap

I haven't posted any thrifty finds in a while, mainly because they haven't wowed me. Good bargains on kids' clothes don't really make for interesting reading material. But the past couple weeks, our luck has turned.

First up, the one I couldn't contain. I was so excited about finding a dusty La Cloche at a desolate (and a bit depressing) roadside yard sale, I immediately called fellow thrifting enthusiast, Monica. Happily, her response was just what I wanted to hear: enthusiasm and excitement! Price = $4

Then there is this little gem. It wasn't a huge bargain because the front side is missing, there is no furniture, and it was still $2. But Pack Rat (that's me!) had some vintage Little People furniture from my own circa 1978 toys, and now it's a properly furnished little cabin.

A couple good books (25¢ each) and a crayon tin ($1) were good finds. I found more good books at that price (bunch of Eric Carle), but we have copies so I'm sending the loot on to some friends.

And how about these beauties? I don't know if they are cut or complete or what, but at 50¢, I thought the pictures alone were more than worth it.

Take a closer look.
Shall I make the potential pedophile, 70s porn star, or strange shower touching man?
Apples keep me in tube tops
Moving on, Darling nabbed this perfect clock from his office. They've been in that building for probably 40 years and are cleaning house to make room for more offices and bodies. He got it for me for my future studio, which I plan to decorate like a kitchen.
Bonus points if you can tell me what color my running tights (as O says "fast pants") are

He also scored this gorgeous double sided chalkboard headed for the dumpster. This will be going down in the basement as well, in the lounge/library/play room (whatever we're calling that casual kid zone. Lastly, he grabbed a HUGE paper cutter. I didn't photograph it, and it is a little inky blotchy and ugly, but it has been called in to service already and performed like a champ. Great grab!

Grand Total: $8.50. Rather grand, pretty thrifty, I think.

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  1. fantastic! it's all great. and yes, that IS a rather odd pose for a robe-wearing man.