Friday, July 20, 2012

On the River

We paddled the Au Train on the 4th of July. Our first family trip in the canoe. It was a picture perfect day: warm but not uncomfortable weather, cool water temps for swimming, a yummy picnic lunch, and sleepy floating naps.


It's a beautiful paddle. The launch and take-out sites are only a mile apart by road. Darling dropped us off, took the van downstream, and skateboarded back. Three to four hours later (depending on the pace of your paddling and leisure of your lunching), you are off the river. It's popular but not incredibly crowded. And it never gets too deep, which is quite nice. Especially if you were to drop your paddle about 300 yds from the take-out, then reach for it just as your partner says "don't lean, I got it!", then tip the canoe and your partner into the water (hip deep), though both of you manage to grab the gunnel during exit and keep kids and contents from slipping into the drink. It could happen.

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