Monday, June 25, 2012

I one the sandbox

I two the sandbox...

Our sandbox was hanging out in the front bed, which didn't exist and was simply a big sand pit. As if we didn't have enough sand coming into the house in the summer anyway, this popular hangout spot contributed to our general floor crunchiness. We vowed that this summer we would work on putting an end to the construction site look (and effects). To our credit, we've taken some good first steps with the garden beds and putting miscellaneous building materials away (... or somewhere).
So I wanted to plant the front bed with herbs and in order to do that, I needed to move the sand pit/digging area. I have big ideas about future playscapes (and of course, had inspiration from good ole pinterest, see below!) and wanted to incorporate the sand box into an area that could grow later.

I nestled it into a natural depression in the hillside, laid some garden cloth, hauled the crab and much sand, man-handled our rock pile, and viola! All Tonka construction equipment courtesy of Renee and her boys. I was worried that the kids wouldn't like it as much since it was smaller and definitely more contained than the front bed. But this new spot? It's a hit.

My sandbox inspiration

...I 7 the sandbox
I 8 the sandbox...
You ate the sandbox??!