Sunday, June 17, 2012


Remember that suitcase? Some more late night sewing. This time for my babe and my niece, only 1 month apart. Is it wrong to dress children alike when they aren't even your children? Don't answer; I simply don't care.

This is the Perfect Party Dress by Heidi and Finn. I bought the pattern (and about 5 more!) during a KCWC sale at Heidi and Finn's Etsy shop about a year or so ago. (I told you I had previous inspiration that rarely came to fruition...) I left off the front bow for a couple reasons and find I really like the simplicity of the basic dress.

This was a quick and easy sew. After the backpack, I like doing things in twos now; the 2nd one goes faster and easier and why waste that immediate knowledge? The fabric for Simone's dress is Moda something-or-other purchased ages ago and that was being saved in my stash to be used together. Well, I finally found the right project and cut into it! The fabric for Etta's dress is Amy Butler Seeds in Duck Egg with the contrast band being some loveliness that I got from Karen one Christmas.

The pattern goes up to 5T. I think these cousins will need more matchy matchy dresses, hmm?


  1. These are great Amy! I love matchy cousin sewing too!! Very cute!

    1. Thanks! I always appreciate some validation!

  2. They are so adorable. I'm really disappointed that the pattern only goes up to 5T because I would like one in my size, haha! Now you'll just have to get the two girls together in their matching dresses and get a picture of them.

  3. You do know this means you'll have to do a follow up post with the cousins together in the dresses, don't you? July in North Carolina?

  4. That's just what I was thinking! Beach dresses...

  5. I'll send a pic of her wearing it, but she can model it in person at the beach. So fun! Thanks sis!!