Saturday, June 2, 2012


There is this big thing in the crafty "blogosphere" (eww, I just said wrote it!) called KCWC, the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. It's organized by Meg from Madison on her Elsie Marley blog. It's a call to any interested sewists to participate by sewing clothes for your kids all week. Most participants post photos of their stuff on Flickr and/or blog about it. I have been feeling a strong sewing urge and it's been so long since sewing was part of my regular routine and I have plenty of ideas and fabric (and patterns) from previous unrequited plans... So this year I decided to participate. Only, I didn't have time ;) Although the challenge is to sew for an hour a day (or whatever works really, the point is just to make some time to sew for your kidlets), many people make an entire garment or outfit for each day. Hah! I did not. In fact, I wasn't even home during KCWC, I was traveling. So I decided to take an entire suitcase (plus 2 bags!) of fabric and patterns and cut away all week.

Since April, that suitcase has been languishing. My studio and sewing space has been relocated in the basement and that means that I can now sew while my Etta Mae is sleeping. On Memorial Day weekend, I did just that. It was great! It was fun! It was rewarding! And little by little, I plan to empty that suitcase and show you what I've done.

First Up: Toddler Backpack

(OK, not clothes, but I interpret the challenge very loosely.) This is my second go at Made-by-Rae's Toddler Backpack pattern. I made the first for Oliver for his 3rd birthday using frog and turtle fabric (that he picked) and filled it with nature exploration stuff. It's a very handy size and I think 3- and 4-year-olds love to put things in bags and sort. So I wanted to make one for Josiah, who loves numbers and letters and puzzles. I used some lime numbered canvas and scrap corduroy.

It went really well and really quickly, heaps better than the first actually. Don't know if I should chalk that up to experience with the pattern, sturdier fabric, the new studio space, or the lack of a small child on my lap while sewing... but it was well received and I think he'll have big fun stowing any number of things in there. Happy belated birthday, J!

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